Eagles News · Nothing Short of Amazing for MS Swim Team !!!!

You all were at your best today, I am proud of you and I hope you can see how your hard work paid off today.
Keep practicing set goals short term and long term, faster turns , better starts or faster times.
Not sure of the exact team results overall but I’ve got some preliminaries…
And I don’t even know where to begin from our brand new swimmers and the amazing personal records of swimmers that attended their very first meet Kendalyn Cook And Kyle Freeman, or the first place by Ryan Anderson in 50 back and Zach Welsh in 200 free!!!! Great job guys
High points scores by Lily Young with a second place in 50 butterfly in fifth place in 200 freestyle, which she swam almost back to back, high scores from Zach Welsh and Ryan Anderson, other swimmers with high points Julia Smirnoff, Jamie Kuzmiak and Devon Robertson.
Congratulations to everyone on the team, thank you parents who helped with transportation, and timing.

Olga Smirnoff Head Coach